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Pink Power Powder

Pink Power Powder


Alkanet root - a good source of tannin's, provides antioxidant benefits and acts as a natural astringent and blood purifier. It improves circulation making it effective in scar recovery.

Beet Root Powder- is rich in antioxidants , calcium, iron, folate and manganese. Beet Roots delivers minerals to the skin helps improve blood flow

French Rose Kaolin Clay- is a soft velvet like clay that gently exfoliates. Using as a regular treatment will reduce fine lines, wrinkle and even skin discoloration.

Calamine's- main ingredient Zinc oxide is key in drying cystic acne quickly fading scars.

Camphor- is extracted from the bark of the camphor tree native to Madagascar. It helps repair damaged skin cells, and tighten pores, preventing clogging and acne.


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